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ESPN is anti-Arizona

Ok, there is no other way of putting it than ESPN just hates Arizona.  In the last few weeks the rankings have come out for ESPN's class of 2009-2010 recruiting rankings, Joe Lunardi's summer bracketology and the preseason top 40.  In all three no sight of Arizona.  First lets start with the recruiting rankings.
iting/classrankings?classyear=2009 if you go to this link you will see that the top 10 are probably right, but when you start to go down that list you see Indiana at 12 with a recruiting class containing 2-4 star players and 4-3 star players, where as Arizona has 4-4 star players and 1-3 star player.  Next is UCLA, 3-4 star players 2-3 star.  At 14, Marquette, same as UCLA.  15 is debatable, Mississippi St. with one 5-Star player, Renardo Sidney, and 3-3 star players.  Same with #16, Kansas St.  Baylor, at #21 has exactly the same thing as UCLA.  22 Minnesota 2-4 stars a 3 star and a 2 star.  23 Illinois, 3-4 stars and a three, same with #24 Miami. When you really take a look at it, Arizona should be at least 20, maybe even 10.
etology  The summer bracketology, the first mistake already is only 3 PAC-10 teams, now I know this is a bad year for the pac, but somebody has to win the games.  Still on the Pac, Lunardi gives UCLA, a struggling team with as much talent as Arizona a 5 seed?  Ohio State and Wake Forest, the 6 seeds would kill UCLA.  In the first four out, that is the real thing that just makes the bomb explode, is how ASU could be the 3rd one out of the tournament if Arizona isn't even in!  ASU lost their top tow players to the NBA (Harden and Pendergraph) and has a one man, 3-star recruiting class coming in.  How is it possible that they would be seeded before Arizona?
vitale/news/story?id=4361336  It is hard to predict exactly how a team will do, so I don't give Dickie V that much heat, but when you put Arizona below Tulsa, South Carolina and Siena, you are sure to have some angry fans.

I hope that this blog has shown you enough evidence as to why ESPN hates Arizona, and I hope that you come to agree and support the Arizona team.
Thanks for reading!
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Maui Tournament 2009

The schedule for the 2009 Maui tournament has been released:

First, as always is the host Chaminade, looking to upset their opponent, Maryland, who is looking good this season with Grevis Vasquez running the show.

In the same side of the bracket, Vanderbilt, who is a very talented and experienced team are squaring off against one of the top new freshmen Lance Stephenson and Cincinnati, this should be an interesting match, especially if Maryland plays Cinci in the next round (Maryland offered a scholarship to Stephenson, but then withdrew it when Stephenson had some legal issues.

On the other side of the bracket, a Gonzaga team, hurt by players entering the draft goes up against Colorado.

And in that last game, tow of the last teams to make the tournament last year, Arizona and Wisconsin.  Arizona has an amazing recruiting class coming in, and I haven't heard really much buzz about Wisconsin, so I assume that they are in more of a rebuilding year.

My final predictions for the tourney are, Maryland over Chaminade, Cincinnati over Vandy, Gonzaga over Colorado, and Arizona beating Wisconsin.
In the semifinals, Maryland will be a little too skilled and too experienced for Cincinnati, and advance to the finals.  Arizona and Gonzaga is a little more of a toss up, and Gonzaga will want revenge for Arizona knocking them out of the top 5, and starting their losing skid, but I think that Gonzaga has lost a few too many big players, and doesn't have enough coming in to beat Arizona.  Arizona wins that one.

Now for the finals, this will be interesting, a West Coast team vs. an East Coast team, that have both never played each other that recently.  I'll let you guys decide this one, please leave a comment as to who you think is going to win and why.  Thanks for reading my blog!
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Pac-10 outlook next season

With college basketball season just around the corner, and the rosters almost solidified, it is a good time to give some projections as to how the Pac 10 will look this year.
To start it off, it seems like the top two teams in the PAC are Cal and Washington.  It is debated which of the two will win, and it is very close.  The rest of the conference is a toss up for the most part, with no obvious last place team in my opinion.
My rankings are as follows
1. Washington  With the addition of another excellent PG, Abdul Gaddy, Washington has one of the best backcourts in the country featuring Gaddy and sophmore Isaiah Thomas, although they lost Jon Brockman to the NBA, still a very strong team.
2. Cal  One of the most underrated players in college basketball, Jerome Randle is poised to take Cal to the top, and with the return of all five starters, Cal can make a very good run at the NCAA's.
3. Arizona  Sean Miller's impact on the team has been tremendous, even with the loss of their top two scorers, a deep 5-man recruiting class has Arizona up in the rankings in a rebuilding PAC 10 this year.  Expect Nic Wise to have a great year as the leader for the Cats.
4. UCLA  With a below UCLA standard recruiting class coming in, and 4 of 5 starters leaving, UCLA is going through a little bit of a rebuilding year, don't expect big things from them this year.
5. ASU  Even with the losses of James Harden and Jeff Pendergraph, ASU has on ok recruiting class, and some skilled players from last year coming back to try to get ASU into the tourney again.
6. Oregon  Last year Oregon was very young and inexperienced, but now with Michael Dunnigan on the uprise, and a new help from freshman Jamil Wilson (#31 in ESPN rankings) Oregon has a shot at the upper half of the Pac 10.
7. Oregon State  It is only getting better and better for Craig Robinson, who is starting to make some noise up in Corvallis.
8. USC With all three of USC's recruits decommiting, USC is on thin ice as depth is a major problem for the Trojans this year.
9. Washington St. Sophmore Klay Thompson lit it up from three last year, and will have to be a big factor this year if the Cougars want to stay out of the bottom of the Pac.
10. Stanford  another year of struggles for the once promising team, with two of their top three scorers graduating, Stanford will struggle this year.
POY:  Jerome Randle, a natural leader, Randle is one of the most talented players in the Pac 10 this year.Freshman of the Year:  Abdul Gaddy, a very promising player with a lot of upside that Can lead Washington to a Pac 10 title this year.Coach of the Year:  Sean Miller, if Arizona can go back to the tourney for a 26th time, most of the credit is his, keeping Wise at PG U, and adding a top 25 recruiting class, all after April.
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