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ESPN is anti-Arizona

Posted on: August 7, 2009 10:23 am
Edited on: August 7, 2009 10:23 am
Ok, there is no other way of putting it than ESPN just hates Arizona.  In the last few weeks the rankings have come out for ESPN's class of 2009-2010 recruiting rankings, Joe Lunardi's summer bracketology and the preseason top 40.  In all three no sight of Arizona.  First lets start with the recruiting rankings.
iting/classrankings?classyear=2009 if you go to this link you will see that the top 10 are probably right, but when you start to go down that list you see Indiana at 12 with a recruiting class containing 2-4 star players and 4-3 star players, where as Arizona has 4-4 star players and 1-3 star player.  Next is UCLA, 3-4 star players 2-3 star.  At 14, Marquette, same as UCLA.  15 is debatable, Mississippi St. with one 5-Star player, Renardo Sidney, and 3-3 star players.  Same with #16, Kansas St.  Baylor, at #21 has exactly the same thing as UCLA.  22 Minnesota 2-4 stars a 3 star and a 2 star.  23 Illinois, 3-4 stars and a three, same with #24 Miami. When you really take a look at it, Arizona should be at least 20, maybe even 10.
etology  The summer bracketology, the first mistake already is only 3 PAC-10 teams, now I know this is a bad year for the pac, but somebody has to win the games.  Still on the Pac, Lunardi gives UCLA, a struggling team with as much talent as Arizona a 5 seed?  Ohio State and Wake Forest, the 6 seeds would kill UCLA.  In the first four out, that is the real thing that just makes the bomb explode, is how ASU could be the 3rd one out of the tournament if Arizona isn't even in!  ASU lost their top tow players to the NBA (Harden and Pendergraph) and has a one man, 3-star recruiting class coming in.  How is it possible that they would be seeded before Arizona?
vitale/news/story?id=4361336  It is hard to predict exactly how a team will do, so I don't give Dickie V that much heat, but when you put Arizona below Tulsa, South Carolina and Siena, you are sure to have some angry fans.

I hope that this blog has shown you enough evidence as to why ESPN hates Arizona, and I hope that you come to agree and support the Arizona team.
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Posted on: November 12, 2009 2:09 pm

ESPN is anti-Arizona

They still are.....I am SO sick of that but I am hoping a Rose Bowl berth and a generation of young HOOPS talent a la...

MOMO Jones
Kevin Parrom (K Pear)
Kyryl Natzhyazhko (K Real)

and in 2012 big and powerful Sidiki Johnson, etc.....

.....will change that and make them realize the system that churns successful talent into the NBA....

If U want to ball, go to ARIZONA....

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